Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An evening with Stephen Harrod Buhner - Friday, April 29, 2011

I had the great pleasure of hearing Stephen Harrod Buhner speak at NCNM today. He spoke of the outrageous including trashing maps and invisibles! Herbal elders are so inspirational and helpful in reminding my mind to be out of it’s box and into real life.  SHB encouraged us to reclaim and trust our capacity to feel - anyone can do it; I can do it. The importance of trusting our bodies and our senses; reclaiming our body as a friend. 

I am inspired to look at things differently, as anew, and not be afraid to experience and feel. I shall take the time to listen and feel and try to understand. I will not believe everything that I know to be true. 
One thing that sticks with me is that, the words we use to explain things are not alway accurate. An example would be sunrise and sunset. Does the sun ever rise or set? No, the sun does neither. SHB suggested better terminology being, sun sight and sun eclipse. I like this unlearning, thinking, exploring, understanding, relearning... I hope to be able to look at more things in life and make my own sense of them and not be stuck with what I have known to be true. 
Stephen told stories of experience and personal connection that were really good to hear. Stories of Angelica, Chimpanzees and Dolphins, all creating memorable points. I really enjoyed his talk and wish that I could make it back tomorrow as it seems that he won’t be speaking again in the near future.

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