Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cayenne & Ganoderma

Cayenne (Capsicum frutescens)
  • 55%; Everclear
  • Farmageddon peppers
  • 1oz fresh fruit & seeds
  • 8 ounces


A deep immune builder concentrated tea; long term use to strengthen the immune system.
Completed 48 hour long decoction in the crock pot of dried Ganoderma mushrooms from People’s Food Coop. Made into ice cubes.


Infection !!! RED FLAGS !!! Wounds
  • greater than 104 degree fever
  • blood pressure change (learn and know pulse - check every 5-10 minutes; look for slowing, speeding up or lack of pulse)
  • RED STREAK up arm or leg that is approaching heart (use marker to mark) **you never want this infection to make it to the heart**
  • vomiting or passing blood (may look like coffee grounds) PROBLEM!
  • change in consciousness
  • suddenly acting different
  • increase in pain, persistent pain, or sharp pain
  • loss of consciousness **HOSPITAL**
  • crushing sensation in chest
    • men: jaw or left arm
    • women: shoulder blade or nausea
  • anaphylaxis: swelling, rash, itchy (throat), heat, family history, allergy, (epi-pen) **instant care** Emergency! History: can get worse each time!
Anti-infective herbs: Sage, Oregon Grape, Goldsenseal, Coptis, Usnea
First Aide herbs: Garlic, Yarrow, Oregon Grape, Lavendar