Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Infection !!! RED FLAGS !!! Wounds
  • greater than 104 degree fever
  • blood pressure change (learn and know pulse - check every 5-10 minutes; look for slowing, speeding up or lack of pulse)
  • RED STREAK up arm or leg that is approaching heart (use marker to mark) **you never want this infection to make it to the heart**
  • vomiting or passing blood (may look like coffee grounds) PROBLEM!
  • change in consciousness
  • suddenly acting different
  • increase in pain, persistent pain, or sharp pain
  • loss of consciousness **HOSPITAL**
  • crushing sensation in chest
    • men: jaw or left arm
    • women: shoulder blade or nausea
  • anaphylaxis: swelling, rash, itchy (throat), heat, family history, allergy, (epi-pen) **instant care** Emergency! History: can get worse each time!
Anti-infective herbs: Sage, Oregon Grape, Goldsenseal, Coptis, Usnea
First Aide herbs: Garlic, Yarrow, Oregon Grape, Lavendar

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