Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lungs - Sunday, June 26, 2011

The respiratory system takes in oxygen and expels carbon-dioxide. Hooray for Oxygen, CO2 exchange. We want to keep our mucosa happy as it does a lot for us including; lubrication, immunity, removal of dust and pollen, pH balance, moisture removal, etc. 

Mullein is a very important respiratory herb and it is easily grown. !DO NOT confuse with Foxglove! The leaf can be used to make tea or tincture and should be used in all respiratory blends. The leaves are covered with tiny hairs that can be irritating if not strained well when making tea. The flowers are great used in a night-time blend or spasmodic blend. The root can be used along side keggles for bladder toning.
The respiratory system is so important yet so many of us are doing the opposite of helping our lungs, along living in this toxic air polluted world, we are smoking cigarettes! Quitting smoking is different for everyone and one plan to quit isn’t going to work for everyone. Each individual can make a plan that is tailored to his/her needs.
This may be a spiritual process, it may involve going to cold turkey, or changing up daily habits, nicotine replacement, or...? I am unable to write about this very much at this time. If you like to quit smoking, I’d like to try and help.

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