Thursday, July 7, 2011

Taking a Nervine - July 2011

Homework includes selecting a nervine herb that I would like to use for one week, three times per day. Research regarding dosing must be done selecting three different book sources.

Common Name: Hops
Latin Name: Humulus lupulus
Plant Family: cannabaceae or hemp family
Dosage suggestions & sources
Per Herb Pharm tincture bottle: two to five times per day take 30-40 drops in a little water.
Per Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West; Michael Moore: 30 to 90 drops as needed.
Form in which I will be taking the herb: Herb Pharm tincture of dried, lupulin-rich strobiles (female flowers) purchased from People’s Coop; certified organically grown.
Notes: According to Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health, Hops is a nerve sedative, which directly relaxes the nervous system and helps reduce pain, ease tension and encourage sleep. Hops gently soothes and nourishes the peripheral nerves and muscle tissue.
Background: Over a week ago I fractured a rib or so it feels that way and the urgent care doctor seemed to think that was the case as well. I have a most constant throb-like irritating pain under my right breast that has radiated into my back directly behind it. This pain is tolerable as long as I do not attempt too much activity. This pain worsen greatly during actions of getting up or laying down, breathing deep, sneezing, coughing, etc. This unfortunate situation isn’t horrible as long as I do not do much or get up and down a lot. I’ve been slowly working yoga back into my days and I’ve been ensuring to breath deeply. Day 11 of broken rib is day one of hops tincture. Otherwise, I have been drinking Nettle, Hawthorne and Comfrey tea. 
Day one: Monday, July 4, 2011: The drops of Hops cloud the water as I drop about 30 drops into my small cup of water. The full dropper is about 30 or 35 drops. Hops makes me very mellow. I took The 2nd dose of the day straight into my mouth without water. This made me nauseous. Then after a bit I took a nap; a very sound and lovely nap. Hops makes my body feel very relaxed.
Day two: I feel like I sedated myself appropriately yesterday.
I drank a few beers throughout the day. Later in the evening I was experiencing anxiety from the loads of fireworks and the smoke. I took some respiratory syrup as I was exposed to toxic smoke. My friend and I drank some kava kava tea, then I topped that off with more hops and some pot. I slept well after that despite the horrible explosions. I am too sensitive for this holiday! I do not believe in all of this madness and disconnection; but that's another story. I awoke feeling like more sleep would be good; not a complete 8 hours-plus received - oh well. I feel good otherwise, my body was still very relaxed and in need of yoga. My hamstrings are awful tight! 
I took a dose in water this morning on a mostly empty stomach which doesn't feel great. Will be eating some oatmeal shortly; mmm oatmeal!
My rib pain is slowly dissipating; thanks to much rest over the three day weekend. I was able to do downward dog during my yoga practice yesterday and going from sitting to lying down and back is much easier. Still taking time from riding my bike. I find it a difficult line between resting to heal and getting back into exercise to heal. I shall feel this out and practice yoga and walk and soon I will feel the need to ride my bike; it's okay to take this resting time. As soon as I am healed I will get back into a exercise routine that helps me strengthen to achieve my summer adventure goals for 2012!
Day three:  Hops is said to sooth the stomach, but not so much upon my mostly empty stomach. I won't eat breakfast until I get to work, so should of probably waited to take tincture. I have some gums bothering me with flossing pain/bleeding, so I held the tincture in my mouth in hopes that it would help with that bother - I think so, gums aren't as irritated.
Yesterday, I took 30 drops three times. If the afternoon I got quite sleepy and nodded off a bit. This happens sometimes due to the monotony of my job and can't be completely contributed to the tincture, though I am sure it helped. 
My rib is healing; pain is less. Mostly what I need now is more and more yoga. I always feel better the more yoga that I practice.
I am a pretty mellow person and I seem to be quite mellow on the hops except for being irritated yesterday. A coworker was especially bothersome to me. Hopefully today I can center and not let him get to me.
Day four: I only took hops once yesterday. I forgot to take it. I will try to remember better today. My days are busy lately with work, classes, plays and dance parties and no complaints! Scheduled rest in 2 days :)
So... I may stop the hops during the day. I think it makes me too sleepy to function appropriately at work. Especially since I am considering coffee. I will take it before bed and see how that goes and I will look into another nervine to try!

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